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nessMediaCenter für Apple TV

closes the gap between local media and Apple TV.

nessMediaCenter for Apple TV closes the gap between locally stored media and Apple TV.


Pictures, DVDs and films from a large number of DLNA media servers or the nessViewer media server can thus be viewed on the Apple TV.

Supported DLNA / UPnP media servers: DS214play, Fritz!Box NAS, Kodi, miniDLNA, Plex, PS3, Serviio, Twonky, TVMobili.

Video playback is based on "AV Foundation" and supports the video formats H.264 and MPEG-4 (M4V, MP4, MOV).

DVDs and video formats such as AVI, DivX or MKV are played back when using the nessViewer-Medien-Servers are automatically converted - "just in time".

The presentation duration for images and random & endless playback can be set in the settings.

For access to the DLNA media server, the server address (or part of it, if applicable) can be specified in order to access a specific DLNA server if several are available.

To access the nessViewer media server, the user name and password must be entered.