Bridge the gap between local media and Apple TV!

nessMediaCenter for Apple TV bridges the gap to watch locally stored media on the Apple TV: DVDs, movies and pictures of a wide range of DLNA media servers or the nessViewer media server can be viewed on the Apple TV.

Supported DLNA / UPnP media server: DS214play, Fritz!Box NAS, Kodi, miniDLNA, Plex, PS3, Serviio, Twonky, TVMobili.

The video playback is based on "AV Foundation" and supports the video formats H.264 und MPEG-4 (M4V, MP4, MOV).

DVDs and video formats like AVI, DivX or MKV will be automatically converted "just in time" if using the nessViewer media server.

screenshot of the media center on Apple TV


In the settings, the duration for picture presentation and random & endless playback can be set.
For access of the DLNA media server, the server address (or part of it, if applicable) can be specified in order to access a specific DLNA server.
And for accessing the nessViewer media server, the user name and password must be entered.

Siri Remote Control

Siri Remote Control

In the MediaCenter, a vertically swipe scrolls in the list and pressing the touch surface or the PLAY button once
displays the selected entry.
Pressing the PLAY button twice presents all entries starting at the current entry.

In the media presentation, a horizontal swipe moves to the previous / next media for pictures and moves the position forward / backwards for movies.
The PLAY button pauses or continues the presentation.
The PLUS and MINUS button increases and decreases the sound volume for movies.

Current version 1.3.4 available from 8/25/2020 - more informations at news.