64 Bit & Mac App Store: Welcome to the future.

Since mid-2011 with the introduction of macOS 10.7, Apple has entirely removed support for Front Row.
Many users are searching for an alternative since that time - but how could it look?

With the introduction of iOS, Apple has defined an important principle: only modern video formats should be supported which do not heat the computer and reduce battery runtime.

Of course, sometimes it is not easy to say goodbye to old things - but on the other hand: should the bad (not to say intolerable) synchronized videos not belong to the past? Or videos that let the computer run "hot"?

And why should you not directly access your media, why should you have to convert DVDs or EyeTV movies before and - in our view, even worse - tell companies like Google about all your movie titles?

Latest Mac technology and data security

With the current 64 bit version of nessMediaCenter, we are offering the latest Mac technology - and also take care for data security:
covers are only automatically searched and displayed for DVDs - for all other videos, the data might be private. Their titles are nobody's business.

But there is no reason for missing an amazing preview: with "Movie Info" metadata like cover and description can be setup very easily for DVDs, media shows and videos. It might be a little bit more work, but secure. And you decide what will be displayed!


We are offering nessMediaCenter in 3 different versions to satisfy all needs:

  • a 32 bit version which supports all common systems / computers (up to macOS 10.13) and video formats thru the QuickTime extensions
  • a 64 bit version based on the latest Mac technologies, signed by an identified developer and notarized by Apple
  • a 64 bit version in Mac App Store which is based not only on the latest Mac technologies but also reviewed by Apple

Please note that the 32 bit version is no longer maintained.

Comparison of the 3 versions

  32 Bit 64 Bit 64 Bit (Mac App Store)
macOS (minimal) 10.4 (PPC),
10.5 (Intel)
10.10 10.10
Video playback based on QuickTime AV Foundation AV Foundation
Supported video formats All common restricted restricted
Recommended extensions Adobe Flash,
Flip4Mac, Perian
Adobe Flash -
Remote control of iTunes via nessMediaCenter
Remote control of EyeTV and VLC via nessMediaCenter
EyeTV movie playback within nessMediaCenter (instead of EyeTV or VLC)
Activation of EyeTV via "Exit" of MediaCenter (optional)
Computer shutdown via "Exit" of MediaCenter (optional)
Gatekeeper compatible (certified, signed, notarized)
Computer licence(s) 1 1 limitless
Price 9.90 € 9.90 € 14.99 €